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QUIZ: Do you belong in "Stick It" or "Bring It On?"

QUIZ: Do you belong in "Stick It" or "Bring It On?"

In this quiz, we're going to find out which sports movie world you're destined for: "Stick It" or "Bring It On." Get ready for a thrilling adventure! Answer each question honestly, and at the end, we'll unveil your blockbuster movie match.



What gets your heart racing more?

a) Mastering epic moves that require precision

b) Rocking high-energy routines that electrify the crowd


When you picture your dream competition, is it all about:

a) Nailing a jaw-dropping, flawless performance

b) Owning the stage and leaving everyone in awe


Where do you imagine your journey to stardom beginning?

a) A secret, intense training spot

b) A grand stage with thousands of cheering fans


What's your idea of a superstar skill?

a) Flexibility, balance, and a dash of elegance

b) Enthusiasm, charisma, and a truckload of showmanship


How do you deal with the spotlight and pressure?

a) Keep it cool, calm, and super classy

b) Soak up the energy and shine like a supernova


If you were the lead in a movie, would you rather be:

a) The solo sensation, the solo star

b) The center of attention, the life of the party


Your ideal Friday night involves:

a) Perfecting your moves and pushing boundaries

b) Lighting up the stage with your incredible performance


Are you a rule-breaker by nature?

a) Not at all, I prefer to follow the rules

b) Rules are meant to be bent or broken for the sake of creativity


Are you an introvert or extrovert?

a) Introvert – I enjoy quiet, focused moments

b) Extrovert – I thrive in the company of others and love the spotlight



  • If you chose mostly "a" answers, you're destined for "Stick It" stardom! Your precision and style are simply unmatched. Get ready to conquer the world with your grace and elegance.

  • If you chose mostly "b" answers, "Bring It On" is where you belong! The spotlight is calling, and your showmanship is in high demand. It's time to electrify the crowd and make your mark in the world of entertainment! 

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